Riding Above & Beyond


    Since 1851 Keihl's Cosmetics and Skin Care has provided a product that consumers rely on for quality skin care that goes beyond the call. More recently, the skin care company has been setting their sights not only on bringing the world the best products but shedding awareness to the rapidly growing epidemic that is AIDS and HIV. 

    On October 24, Kiehl's Vice President Chris Salgardo stopped in Longview during the Keihls LIfeRide to promote the cause, which is near and dear to his heart. Salgardo teamed up with amFAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, for the Keihl's LifeRide for amFAR 2013 to promote AIDS and HIV awareness around Texas at select Keihl's locations. To some, these events are only for the rich and famous. However, this was a stigma that Keihl's and amFAR wanted to break. The star-studded event was in full force and all in the name of a better cause. 

    When I arrived at Dillard's in Longview, Salgardo and amFAR CEO, Kevin Robert Frost were parking their Harley Davidson engines on the endless red carpet that ran through the department store aisles in Longview.The gentlemen and their entourage strolled into the event with all eyes on them. Imagining the VP of a global brand, I pictured him to be uptight and short; not the case for Salgardo. Surprisingly, he could not have been more welcoming, even telling me to hop over the velvet rope so he could answer anything I needed. "I love love Texas," Salgardo stated, "…and today is even extra special, because this is the grand opening of a Keihl's shop in Longview,Texas and we are thrilled to be here!" 

    This approachability and care is something that not a lot of people in his position take the time to do. To see this companies compassion for every towns involvement, not just the major cities, truly shows me that they are dedicated to the cause. 

    After the Keih's foundation donated $1,000 to the amFAR foundation, Salgardo matched the amount as a personal donation. In my one-on-one interview, Salgardo stated that the partnership with amFAR is, "Very committed not only to raising money but also raising awareness and being on the motorcycle allows us to reach thousands and thousands of people with the message of AIDS and HIV." It was a profound statement to be heard in the midst of loud music, motorcycles and celebration. 

    The products of the afternoon were the The Cure is in Your Hands line by Keihl's. With every purchase made from the line, 100% of the proceeds are donated to the Ride 2x2 and the amFAR foundation. This is such a fantastic way for a worldwide company to reach out and to give back. 

    After the cake was cut and champagne poured, the city of Longview announced that Thursday, October 24 was officially Keihl's Day. This recognition was well deserved for the Keihl's family because they are really riding above and beyond the cause.


Visit your local Keihl's stores today to pick up your 2x2 products! Keihl's has locations in Longview & Tyler in Dillard's department stores. 

Make sure to check out videos from the Keihl's event on the BSCENE Magazine's official Instagram! 


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