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Love is in the air, and it’s been in the air since December. Between the Christmas holidays and Valentine's, everything from food to wrapping paper has hearts all over it. Have you noticed? Or how about on your TV with love stories playing around the clock on the Hallmark Channel? It’s everywhere, and though some may think many people find this type of atmosphere to be annoying, there are more people who enjoy it. Take me for example! I am a sucker for the Hallmark Channel movies, and some of my friends don’t even know that.

For as long as I could remember, I have loved hearing the answer to one simple question: “How did you meet?”  You can show-off that fancy engagement ring all you want, but I’d rather skip the “How did he propose,” for the “How did you meet?” Why? If there’s one thing I can remember about you, it will be the memory of how we met. I’m not sure why this always stands out, but it does. There is something unique in a sense that it will be different from anyone else's story. Whether it be something extravagant or something simple, every couple has that one thing that makes the story theirs. 

So it got me thinking, if I enjoy hearing these ...  someone else must too! The Hallmark Channel wouldn’t be airing a hundred movies on the topic of love if they thought no one cared to watch them. I decided why not give the people what they want. With it being Valentine's season and all, as if the red, white and pink aisle at Walmart wasn’t already a reminder, I decided to seek out some dynamic lovebirds, in the area, who were willing to share their love story with the readers of BSCENE. One simple question, "how did you guys meet?" That’s all it took to get the "aww" and "how cute" going! So, bring on the romance and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you super couples out there!


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