Man About Town September 2014

Man About Town

There are a lot of new and good things goin’ on in Lindale, not the least of which are the arrival of Craig Lindholm, the new City Manager, and an entirely new Steakhouse called Bo’s Steak & Grill.  The city is hoppin’ with excitement for both.

So, the “Man” conspired with Shelbie Glover, Executive/Tourism Director of the Lindale Chamber and Jessie Onate, manager of Bo’s in Lindale, for a party at Bo's. Before the party, we conjured up the plan for two celebrations in one.  Yes, indeed, a welcome party for the new City Manager and the first fresh-casual steakhouse dining experience in Lindale.  Also, let me tell ya, the management and staff know how to throw down a great party.

We wanted to do something special for Craig on his second day on the job and Shelbie had just the right recipe for success.  She got the “big wigs” of Lindale around the table for one “whale of a welcome” to both the City Manager, Jessie Onate and his brand spankin’ new Bo’s Steak & Grill.  It was a fun filled night for all.

Craig comes to Lindale from the city of Texarkana where he was Executive Director of Community Redevelopment and Grants.  However, he has a long history in economic development, housing development, neighborhood revitalization and historic preservation.  Major General Red Brown, Lindale’s Chamber President and Jeff Daugherty, Lindale’s Mayor pro tem, agreed that Craig Lindholm was a great find for the city.  

Jessie Onate, a Texas native, who started in the restaurant business with Bo’s CEO Tom Sacco years ago, left a job in the Bahamas to start up the first Bo’s in Lindale, Texas.  This man is full of energy, personality and desire to serve.  He eats, breathes and sleeps making Bo’s customers the happiest and best fed in East Texas.

Bo’s provides a modern steakhouse experience at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality, flavor, atmosphere, value or service.  And the service is “over the top” good!!!  They have plenty of staff and they are all a-hoppin to serve ya better.

The menu includes mouth-watering steaks cooked to perfection, build your own tossed salads of fresh locally produced vegetables, an eclectic mix of biggest and best burgers with an array of wonderfully tasty sandwiches and chicken dishes.  But, you must try the sinfully delicious signature appetizers of thick-cut candied bacon rolled in brown sugar and spices and delightful deviled eggs.  Bo’s is like a family picnic with ‘home cookin’ with friends everyday!  It’s an awesome concept and experience.  By the way, beer, wine, margaritas and Bo’s backyard lemonade are also available. 

The “Man” and the “big wigs” of Lindale, who are all dear friends, met at Bo’s at 6:00 p.m. (you can’t miss the place, it’s at 3405 South Main, where Juanita’s used to be and is open Monday through Saturday, lunch and dinner and Sunday brunch from 9:45a.m.-2:00p.m.) on Wednesday night and the place was hummin’ with happy diners.  We ordered the signature appetizers and a scattering of menu delights.  Jessie and Tom Sacco sprung for the ticket and the food kept a comin’ all the way through dessert time.  Wow and the dessert topped off the night.

The “Man” loves his Lindale family and our new-found friend, Jessie of Bo’s.  We had a hoot and left his delightful place fat and happy.  It will do the same for you.

So, if you’re out and about, look for us, we’ll be about town.


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