Publisher's letter June 2014

Publisher's Letter

It is June. It is summer. It is that time when most of us men will be doing that thing our wives and friends love us for: grilling!

For Kelly, when I grill, it is a time for her to relax. She gets a chance to sit back and put her feet up for a few hours. As for me, it does not feel like manual labor. I enjoy grilling. Grilling is practically like playing a sport. Those who do it, love it, and you can throw me into that mix. But, it is not all fun and games people. A lot of prep goes into the grill and its use, and I pride myself on knowing exactly how it all goes down.

In this issue of BSCENE, we explore the use of grills and how they can be used to throw a backyard bash. I have had my fair share of not getting things perfect when lighting up the grill, so our feature has presented itself at the right time. It mentions how one is to maintain a grill. Who knew you had to fully cover a grill and make sure it stays well maintained through-out the year, even at times when there is no use for it? About placement, I just leave our grill in a convenient location. But no, you should place it where the heat will not destroy your home when in use. Next, if you are planning to grill for a party, plan to map out the whole night. Remember that statement I made earlier, about Kelly putting her feet up and relaxing while I grill? Well, I admit to being the guy that just picks up a few food items before the party and throws them on the grill once people arrive. That does not work out in my favor because I usually end up side-by-side with the grill throughout the party while Kelly picks up the pieces and tries to cover for me. I have been going about event planning all wrong. There are steps to throwing a successful party. Those steps run on timing. 

Thankfully, I can now go about grilling and parties in the right direction after reading Serious Summer Sizzle on pg. 30. You should give it a read as well because whether you plan to grill or simply just throw a party, you will find a lot more tips than the ones I have mentioned. Enjoy your summer backyard bash!


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