Beauty in Bloom with Malibu Diaz


Every spring and fall, while the fashion houses are hustling and bustling with the season’s latest strutting down the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan, style insiders are also excited to discover the latest trends in beauty. Will “pinks” make a bold appearance on lip pallets this season or will “the nudes” of the 90s take center stage? BSCENE’s Editor-in-Chic, Veronica Terres, took time to seek out the answers to questions like these and more, so that East Texans can start wearing what beauty bloggers probably already have in their makeup bags. She reaches out to local Dillard's Chanel makeup artist, and one of BSCENE's favorites makeup gals, Malibu Diaz.


Q. What was the biggest beauty trend last year, that is still going strong this season?

A.Highlighting and natural brows!

Q. What is a definite toss-out-of-the-cosmetic-bag product this season?

A.You can toss out your contour kit. It’s not in this year.

Q. What colors are trending this spring for lips, cheeks and lids?

A.The colors for spring this year are bright peony pink and intense orange, for both lids, cheeks and lips. Metallics and shiny glosses are also on trend.

Q. What's your favorite beauty look from this season's New York Fashion Week runways?

A.The pops of color on lips and cheeks, with soft eyes.

Q. What’s your favorite makeup tip that you can share with your customers, and can share with our readers, that can be incorporated into their regular beauty routines? 

A.One of my tricks is to mix an illuminating primer with foundation, to provide a radiant, glistening look. It also helps skin look natural and fresh. 

Q. Do you have any predictions for the fall?

A.I predict it will be bold, dark lips.

Q. What's your go-to Chanel product, which will never go out 

of style?

A.Chanel N* 5! It has been a top seller since its introduction in 1921. Our new Chanel N*5 L'eau offers a more modern take on the classic N*5 scent.


Highlighting is still in, and of course brushes are your best friend. But now, the trend is to have glowing skin with less makeup, and punctuate the face with bold lips and cheeks.


Our newest Chanel product is the Les Beiges pressed powder. It's our new healthy glow powder that gives the skin a luminous, bronzed, natural look, without settling into flaws. It will be available mid-April.


We have a new serum called Blue Serum. The difference from other products out there is that it’s like a diet for the skin. It hydrates, firms and helps make skin appear smoother. Based on the name, the three key ingredients are from the blue zones of the world, where people live the longest and are the healthiest. Chanel is the only brand that carries something of this magnitude. It’s amazing!



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