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Because boutiques and storeowners regularly go to market and are always reading up on what’s hot and what’s not, they have a strong pulse on what the latest and greatest trends are now, and in the future. Hoping to get a bit of the inside scoop on what to look for in the New Year, BSCENE reached out to women’s fashion boutique owner, Chris Bennett of Jewel in Tyler, and asked her to give our readers a glimpse into some of her own fashion must-haves and the trends everyone needs to implement in 2017! 

What’s your personal go-to style staple?   Jeans and the softest shirt I can find.

What’s your personal go-to brand?  Always the newest, coolest thing. I don’t limit myself. 

(1)What is the number one trend you’ve stocked your shelves with that customers have to add to their wardrobes in 2017?  Tennis Shoes!

(2)Are there any style trends that were big hits in 2016, that will carry over through Spring 2017?   Tennis shoes in metallic, like some by ZCD Montreal! 

What product, brand or accessory do you want your customers to know most about?   We have everything. I just want everyone to come in for the experience.

(3,4)What outfit or wardrobe staple will be RED HOT for Valentine’s date night?   A LBD (Little Black Dress) with red lipstick, or substitute the dress for a LBJ (Little Black Jumpsuit)!

Who is your favorite fashion blogger or style guru who you think everyone looking to have the most up-to-date wardrobes should follow on social media?   Victoria Beckham!

Is there any additional New Year’s fashion advice you would like to offer readers and customers?  Your best asset is your smile, but when it comes to fashion, it’s all about attitude.


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