Have you ever wondered why roses are so significant in East Texas, let alone Tyler? Why do we annually celebrate the rose season? Roses are more meaningful than you knew. It’s not just a type of flower you pick up for your Valentine every year. Each rose is an individual, and used for different purposes. Here are some of our favorites, so go ahead and educate yourself before the Texas Rose Festival takes place October 13th through the 16th.


The color pink is as sweet as can be, so naturally the pink rose signifies grace and elegance.


But did you know that the pink rose can also be used to express sympathy?


Perfect for that little princess in your life. We mean the kiddos!


Just as the sun brings us warmth, so does a yellow rose. The rose represents friendship and happiness, and is used to cheer up the mood.


But did you know that the yellow rose can also portray jealousy?


Perfect for a just cause, gloomy day gift.


In fairytales, the color of purple tends to stand out. Rightfully, a purple rose conveys enchantment and love at first sight.


But did you know that the purple rose is of majestic nature?


Perfect for a gift to give your (or the) Queen.


The most popular, a red rose is the obvious meaning of romance and passion. It’s the classic way to say “I love you.”


But did you know that the red rose also symbolizes courage?


Perfect for your next Bachelor/Bachelorette viewing party.


A peach rose is used to exude gratitude and modesty. Who has stood the test of time with you?



But did you know that the peach rose can also stand in as a way to say “I miss you?”


Perfect for when you truly don’t know what color to choose. A peach rose always works!

One of the most popularly picked, the white rose is simplicity in the form of peace and innocence.


But did you know that though the white rose is a popular pick for funerals, it does not convey death?


Perfect for dip dying to another rose color. Be a little adventurous!



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