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I’m probably going to age myself, here, but I remember the days when very few people could rock a pair of sunglasses like the one-and-only Elton John or make a pair of Ray-Ban® Wayfarers famous like Tom Cruise did in his “Risky Business” days.

Today, however, anyone can be a superstar in whatever pair of sunglasses fits their fancy and their face — all they have to do is take some time to check out the latest options today’s designers have to offer in the ever-growing sunglasses fashion market.

For those looking to invest in a new pair this summer, the good news is … really, anything goes. From vintage cat-eyes, classic wayfarers and large round-framed sunnies to tortoise shell, leather-temples or bright red, hot pink and royal blue hued options—all that really matters to be on trend is which shades suit you.

Optician, Mike Martin Jr. of Ragsdale & Martin Optical, Inc. in Tyler, Texas took time to give BSCENE readers some insight in today’s shady affairs emphasizing that there really is no “right” way in picking the next perfect pair except to choose what you like and need. “There’s not a great rule,” he explained. “We are all unique. Some people who have a round face can wear a pair of round glasses and look awesome. We [at Ragsdale  & Martin] just go by what will look good on the individual.”

And, if that is the case, then prospective sunglass buyers should take time with a professional like Martin who can help them sift through the many choices in colors, shapes, styles, textures, functions, materials and prices that are out there. In today’s sunglass world, the sky truly is the limit. Martin also explained that in the last ten years eyewear has become much more of an accessory, and optically, the options are just getting better and better. While he can’t select your pair for you, he did take time to let readers in on some of the various in-the-now, as well as, always-classic options currently available through his doors and out and about on city streets.

For Her


• These authentic, stingray leather Chanel sunglasses are truly a unique investment pair. The exotically adorned frames are part of the brand’s Prestige Collection. 

• Looking to make an immediate statement that instantly makes you think … hot pink? Chanel delivers by offering shades in all colors of the rainbow including bright red and blue.


•Prada steps up the vintage-cat-eye trend with this purr-fect pair of tortoise shell sunnies that have contrasting color temples. You'll definitely be the cat's meow.

• If you've been shy about dawning a pair of retro, large-round frames, there's no time like the present to try the playful, yet sophisticated, silhouette.

For Him

Martin explained that round shapes are a big hit, but in general, designers are making the man feel more like a celebrity or sports mogul through a variety of options like these:

Oliver Peoples

Looking for a more classic, sophisticated, effortless, yet on-trend style? Then opt for this neutral, pair ìExecutiveî
by Oliver Peoples. 


Yes, men can wear Prada, too! Nothing says edgy, sophisticated and fashion-forward like a man in a pair of gunmetal Prada sunglasses.

Tom Ford

Your man will be just like James Bond if you opt for Tom Ford's "Snowdon" pair that 007 will dawn in the next film, "Spectre" out this fall. Select color 52N and you and Daniel Craig will have something in common. 


Oakley takes their sunny eyewear up a notch by kicking up the sophistication. These black metal-framed glasses will let you work hard, play hard and look good doing it! 

Now that we've focused on what looks good, some practicality in function may be of more importance than its form. If that's the case, there are various technologies available for you to consider.

Lens Treatments

• If shadows and glare are a problem, especially while driving, opt for a pair with the latest advancements in polarization. Polarized lenses help eliminate bright light from reflective surfaces, which is one reason that makes them popular for sports lovers.

• Back in the 80s, my mom thought it would be a great idea to add a little bit of rose-color tint to my pink, coke-bottle glasses to help with sunny days. My mom meant well, but looking back at my childhood photos with those glasses perched on my face is laugh-out-loud funny, not to mention, a bit painful. Moms, please spare your children this pain. There are many advancements in adaptive lenses or photochromic lenses that can adjust from clear to dark, like TransitionsÆ Adaptive Lenses. Photochromic sunglasses as explained by The Vision Council (the entity that represents the manufacturers and suppliers of the optical industry), adapt to different brightness levels and maximize visibility in low light or foggy conditions. Their website explains that yellow, red and gray tints decrease distortion, whereas copper-tinted shades heighten contrast.

Another option is to simply purchase a separate pair of sunglasses and have the prescription lenses added to them.

Custom Shades

• For the avid hunter, fisher, biker or overall outdoorsman/woman, there are various options available to meet your needs too. Martin explained that he receives quite a few orders from ladies who play both tennis and golf and need a pair to work for both. He also receives frequent requests for custom, shooting sunglasses. The Vision Councilís website provides further information on choosing sunglasses to fit your needs. The site also breaks down the information into adults, teens and kids categories.

• Last but not least, let's not forget, that ultimately, sunglasses are meant to be more than a fashion accessory. The Vision Council explains that sunglasses are a critical health necessity to protect us from the sun's harmful UV rays. They explain that UV rays can damage your eyes similar to the way they can damage your skin. The council points out, "UV damage is cumulative, meaning that damage done to the eyes adds up over time, and once the damage has been done it cannot be reversed. For this reason, it is never too early or too late to start protecting your eyes from damaging amounts of UV radiation. You can decrease your UV exposure by wearing sunglasses any time you are outdoors, year-round."

Since UV radiation is present no matter what the season, investing in a pair of sunnies for protection as well as function is all the more criticalóif youíd just like your pair to be fashionable tooóthen who can argue with that frame of mind?


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